Saradeuz Tulip

Perumbakkam sq ft 835 sq.ft to 1389 sq.ft

Saradeuz IVY Garden

Perumbakkam sq ft 600 to 2400 sq.ft
IVY Garden

Saradeuz Ecstasy

Perumbakkam sq ft 894 - 1250 sq.ft

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Saradeuz Olympus
  • location Perumbakkam
  • sq ft 881 sq.ft to 1318 sq.ft
  • Apartments 138 exquisite apartments
  • BHK 2, 2.5, 3 BHK
Saradeuz Tulip
  • location Perumbakkam
  • sq ft 835 sq.ft to 1389 sq.ft
  • Apartments 79 exquisite apartments
  • BHK 2, 2.5, 3 BHK and Pent Houses
Saradeuz IVY Garden
  • location Perumbakkam
  • sq ft 600 to 2400 sq.ft
  • Apartments 110 Premium Plots
  • BHK
Saradeuz Ecstasy
  • location Perumbakkam
  • sq ft 894 - 1250 sq.ft
  • Apartments 100 Apartments
  • BHK 2BHK & 2.5 BHK
Saradeuz Paradise
  • location Perumbakkam
  • sq ft 825 sq.ft to 1275 sq.ft
  • Apartments 56 Apartments
  • BHK 2 BHK & 3BHK
Saradeuz Eden
  • location Perumbakkam
  • sq ft 785- 1198 sq.ft
  • Apartments 10 Apartments
  • BHK 2BHK & 3 BHK
Saradeuz Acropolis
  • location Perumbakkam,Chennai
  • sq ft 815 - 1320 sq.ft
  • Apartments 36 Apartments
  • BHK 2 BHK & 3 BHK








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Saradeuz Infrastructure offers premium apartments in perumbakkam and villa plots in Chennai.

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Selva Kumar

Suresh Kumar

Pushpahasan . R

Srinivasan . V

Sathish Srinivasan

What Saradeuz buyers are saying…

திட்டமிட்ட கட்டிடப் பணிகள், தரமான பொருட்கள். நிறைந்த செயல், குறைந்த பேச்சு. பண்புடைய அலுவலகப் பணியாளர்கள், களப் பணியாளர்கள். காலத்தைப் போற்றும் நிறுவனம். விற்பனைக்குப் பின் கனிவான சேவை. வாங்குவோரின் வலிமையை அறிந்து செயல்படும் நிறுவனம்.

- அன்பழகன் . R

Glad that we have chosen Saradeuz Construction. They have completed our flat as per our demand. Project Manager and others were very patient in listening to our requirement.


I would like to say special thanks to Project Manager who is very patience and willing to do all our changes whenever we needed. Overall, am satisfied with the way the builder provided my flat to me as per our requirements.


Service was very good. Had good rapport with the builder to accomplish our dream house in a successive way. Immediate response was delivered for our every demand during our furnish.


All the services rendered by the concern towards to be good. Especially, the Project Manager was very polite and decent at all the times and even now itself. Thanks for handing over our dream house in time with full satisfaction.


The building construction was outstanding & we are happy with the customization done as per our requirements.


I have searched lot of houses and finally selected your houses. Reason for finalizing is quality, price and location.Service of your delivery is prompt and on time.

- Mr.B.Muthusamy & Mrs. M.Ananthi

I wanted my house the way I want it to be. And in that way saradeuz made my dream home to reality. I just went to Saradeuz since they were open to customise the way I want. I am satisfied with the work done so far.

- V.V. Arun

Saraduez is very much approachable by anyone. Paper works are done in on time. You have helped in arranging loan and also in quick disbursement of loan. The house was delivered on time, exactly, before, the Grahapravesam, which was useful.

- Aravindhan A

We thank you and your team who have been supporting us and I would like to mention MR. suresh who has supported and still continuing the same. Proud to say we are happy customer of saraduez.

- Mr.P.Sudhakar

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